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Check out the EPP


What is an EPP?

An EPP is a document that institutions use to guide their buyers and can be a policy statement or a guide. It helps buyers ensure they are purchasing products and using services that align with the institution's values and sustainability goals. 

Why did Mountain Burger create an EPP?

As reported in our CAP, Scope 3 is responsible for roughly 90% of our emissions. Scope 3 includes many categories, but the highest emitting sector is our suppliers (i.e. our supply chain). Our EPP guides our buyers to purchase products and source services that have a reduced environmental impact including resource extraction and end-of-life disposal. 

What does the EPP include?

The EPP contains our policy statement, priorities, focuses, guides, and eco-label index. We have guides for 12 categories to include anything we might buy from toilet paper to appliances. Products and services that do not fall within one of our guides are subject to our policy.

We have been doing our research to purchase sustainable products before this guide, but this will make it easier for our buyers to know what to look for when making purchases. We’re excited to release this EPP to help reduce our environmental impact and hope you learn something too!