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Photo Courtesy of Roaring Springs Ranch

Mountain Burger is committed to providing its customers with high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. That's why we source our grass-fed beef from Roaring Springs Ranch, located in Frenchglen, Oregon. This ranch has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, and its collaboration with state and federal agencies helps them to farm safely for the wildlife and the environment.

Roaring Springs Ranch is a massive one-million-acre of public and private land, founded back in 1872. Over the years, the ranch has developed a deep understanding of best practices for sustainable farming that is safe for wildlife and the environment. They are dedicated to preserving the diverse range of species that call the ranch home. To ensure ecological sustainability, the ranch employs a full-time wildlife biologist to survey the various species found on the property.
Roaring Springs Ranch works on several projects to promote conservation efforts.

They aim to provide habitat and food for a range of wildlife species, including sage grouse, pronghorn antelope, and many others. They use sustainable ranching practices such as rotational grazing to maintain the health of the grasslands, which in turn helps support a diverse ecosystem. The ranch's commitment to conservation aligns with Mountain Burger's sustainability goals, making them a natural choice for sourcing its grass-fed beef.

At Mountain Burger, we take the time to carefully cut, combine, mix, and grind the grass-fed beef and brisket every day. They use the whole muscle instead of the "trim" or "scrap," ensuring that their customers know what they are eating. But why does grass-fed beef matter?

Grass-fed beef allows for regenerative agriculture, which provides benefits such as improved soil health and biodiversity, creating sustainable land. Unlike grain-fed beef, which often comes from factory farms, grass-fed beef is raised in open pastures, allowing the animals to graze and move around freely. 

Sourcing grass-fed beef from Roaring Springs Ranch is an excellent choice for Mountain Burger. The ranch's dedication to sustainable farming practices and wildlife conservation aligns perfectly with the restaurant's sustainability goals. By choosing grass-fed beef, Mountain Burger is promoting regenerative agriculture and supporting a more sustainable food system.