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Timber Stoves

This week we’re highlighting an Oregon company, Timber Stoves, that makes the pellet heaters on our patio! Timber Stoves was founded in 2010 in Mt. Angel. Unfortunately, in 2021 the historic “Old Wilco Building” they worked in was burned down, and Timber Stoves was forced to relocate. However, they recovered quickly and are in full swing and continue to build quality products so you can enjoy the outdoors when the temperature drops. 

An American Manufacturing company, Timber Stoves makes outdoor heaters specifically to burn pellet fuel. They are self-feeding and don’t emit smoke so you can enjoy being outdoors without getting your hands dirty and keep your clothes smelling fresh. The enclosed flame is also another key component to creating a safe environment while still enjoying the warmth and ambiance of a fire. 

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are a biomass fuel made from sawdust or wood chips which are compressed to make pellets. Wood pellets are made by removing the moisture from wood fiber and grinding it into dust. The dust is then compressed into pellets where heat is applied so that the natural polymer in wood, lignin, acts as a glue to hold the pellets together. This creates a higher energy product ready to be burned. 

Timber Stoves recommends Packsaddle Pellets which are wood pellets made from the byproduct of sawmills so no additional trees are cut down and it reduces the waste and pollution the mill produces. These pellets are 100% Douglas Fir and contain no additives which you might find in other pellet brands that use additives as glue to bind the pellets.

Supporting Oregon Businesses

Buying locally helps eliminate emissions from transportation and helps support the Oregon economy. The World Wildlife Foundation calls for the importance of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that create jobs and economic activity in the U.S. to reduce carbon emissions. Although SMEs are not the largest producers of carbon emissions, they often supply products from the larger companies responsible for a larger percentage of emissions. That’s why at Mountain Burger, we strive to source as many products as possible from local businesses and reuse and restore products when possible. We support Timber Stoves, an Oregon-based business and American Manufacturing company to help reduce our carbon footprint and reach our sustainability goals. 

Check out our Timber Stoves on the patio the next time you’re at Mountain Burger!