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As a city with one of the most breweries per capita here in Bend, OR, we’re no strangers to beer. And with that comes packaging and recycling, and waste, and it can get confusing what and where you should dispose of your bottles and cans. 

Can Carriers

Can carriers (PakTech) have become a popular choice recently, allowing a six pack to be carried easily. While these do say they are recyclable, they can’t be dropped in your normal mixed recycling. Check out this map to find a drop-off location near you!

PakTech is made from 100% recycled HDPE and is turned into products such as composite lumber, flower pots, pipe, park benches, and others. 

If you don’t have time to recycle them, you can also use reuse these can carriers for other beer or canned drinks when you’re on the go. Mix and match to make your own pack at a backyard bbq or keep your cans nicely organized in your fridge. 


Cans are one of the most popular ways to drink beer and can also be recycled. Beverage cans can go into your regular mixed recycling, however, we recommend bringing them to BottleDrop.


While glass bottles are less popular these days, they’re a classic that never goes out of style. However, they cannot go in your mixed recycling with cans. Instead, they need to go into your separate glass-only recycling bin.

Earn Back Your Deposit

An easy way to recycle cans and bottles (from many different drinks, not just beer) is to take them to BottleDrop, an Oregon redemption center. This is an easy way to get back your 10 cents per can or bottle. Scan them individually or enroll in the BottleDrop Green Bag program so you only have to drop the bag and save time!

Another great way to spend that extra 10 cents per can or bottle is to donate the money back to local nonprofits. You can do this by donating your balance or by participating in the Blue Bag program. You can learn more on the BottleDrop website.  

Skip the Waste

Another great option to skip the cans and bottles is to use growlers. Fill them at local breweries, gas stations, and other places around town. This is a great way to get 64 ounces of your favorite local beer for entertaining or just a chill night in. Glass growlers are great for the fridge or grab an insulated one to keep your beer (or kombucha) cold for a picnic or a backyard bbq. These reusable containers are a great option to bypass waste!

We live in a city that loves beer and the environment and we want to promote both in a way that allows us to live sustainably. Breweries and nature surround us and there’s nothing better than enjoying both with the people we love in the most responsible way possible.

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