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We’ve had a goal of reaching net-zero emissions in 2025 from the start. Over the past year, we have researched, lived and learned, and researched more to understand how to make this happen. Now that we are at one year of business, we can officially have a benchmark of 12 months' worth of data to help us track our progress. 

We published a Climate Action Plan (CAP) last year to help guide us on this journey and will update it as we move forward. 

What have we accomplished?

Check out our blog to read about more actions we have taken and stay up to date with future changes!

What do the numbers look like?

  • Energy use was responsible for 99.1 metric tons of CO2e
  • We avoided 2.1 metric tons of CO2e by composting food waste
  • We avoided 0.8 metric tons of CO2e by recycling
  • Used 40,540 kWh of energy produced by wind and solar

When we published the CAP last year, we found that roughly 90% of emissions in restaurants were from Scope 3 which includes everything that has to do with our food, from the emissions it takes to raise a cow to the disposal of uneaten portions at the end of the day. This is a primary focus to reduce our emissions as we move forward. 

What’s next?

  • Continue to educate staff and guests on food emissions and other environmentally friendly actions that can be taken
  • Continue to electrify appliances
  • Use 100% renewable energy
  • Reduce our supply chain emissions
  • Reach Net Zero!

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